4362 U.S. Hwy 259 N.; Longview, Tx 75605

Hospice CareTeam Mission Statement

Hospice CareTeam provides dedicated service to individuals in East Texas communities who are in the advanced stage of a terminal illness, as well as providing support to their family members and friends.

Our mission is to promote quality of life and independence for our clients.  Hospice CareTeam will help to achieve this by offering sound advice, compassion, and symptom management and emotional and spiritual support through one of life's most difficult times.


Hospice is a service based on a compassionate philosophy which recognizes the need to treat each person with dignity, respect and love, regardless of their cultural or religious background, as they prepare for death and loss.  It is in good faith that the approach is with freedom and confidence.

Staff Commitment

Hospice CareTeam focuses on creating a welcome, relaxed personal atmosphere when caring for the terminally ill, their family and caregivers.  Providing quality care at a physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social level which respects the needs and wishes of each individual.  Supporting families and friends emotionally, psychologically and spiritually from referral through bereavement in an attentive and non-intrusive way.  Working collaboratively as a team which care for its members, values each ones' contribution and engages in ongoing education, reflection and unity.  Providing education to others and influencing the practice and standards of palliative and hospice care to people who are terminally ill.

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