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 Specialized Pediatric Therapies

CareTeam Pediatrics provides free evaluations to help determine eligibility. For more information, please call our Pediatric Department.  Contact 800-563-6407 ext 230 

Specialized Adult Home Health Services

Social Services-The CareTeam Social Services Department works hard to improve the lives of our patients and help them confront and resolve their personal dilemmas.  Our staff can aid in coping with the loss and change. They are skilled professionals who help people help themselves by providing useful information as well as having a wide range of resources available for those in need. This requires access to cutting-edge ideas, current information, and high-quality resources to be familiar with all of the available options for patients.  

Home Health Aides -Home Health Aides can assist the patient with personal hygiene, hair, oral and nail care, skin care and assistance in maintaining activities of daily living.

Post Surgical Care-After surgery, CareTeam nurses are trained to assist you in your recovery at home.

Diabetic Management-CareTeam offers a wide range of Diabetes Management skills to our patients:
*                       Glucose Monitoring
*                       Blood sugar graphs to monitor long term medication compliance
*                       Diabetes Education
*                       Diet Instruction and Meal Planning
*                       Medication Administration and Instruction
*                       Education on Diabetic Foot Care

Wound Care- CareTeam has specialized trained nurses in KCI Wound Vac System. This system will be recommended by your physician and is billable to Medicaid, Medicare and Private Insurance. Skilled nurses provide wound care specific to your wound care needs and your physician orders. CareTeam's trained staff are specialized in the proper wound care techniques to facilitate healing and improve well being.    

Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy-CareTeam provides caring, qualified therapists for our patients in their home to improve and maintain a quality level of function and lifestyle. Therapy needs are assessed by a CareTeam Case Manager, and followed up by an Evaluation from a Qualified Therapist.  Our therapists assist the physician in determining the patients level of function, and help in developing and or revising the plan of care. Careteam therapists use the latest technology in advancing the patient to a higher level of function in the home environment.

Infusion-This program is a multi-disciplinary home service to provide infusion and parental therapy administration. Services include:
*                       Medications
*                       Maintenance of central venous access devices 

Alzheimer's Disease Management-A program designed to educate the Caregiver on managing the patient. Teaching includes but is not limited to: 

CareTeam Home Health Services can provide nurses, therapists, social workers and private attendants as needed. We will provide an evaluation and assessment of the patient diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s Disease.

Social Services: Life Planning, Hygiene Assistance, Legal & Financial Issues and Community Resources.

Nursing & Therapy: Disease Process, Med. Management, Diet/Nutrition, Exercise and Safety.

Aide/Attendant Services: Hygiene Assistance and Meal Assistance.

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