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CareTeam Adult Home Health Therapy Services

We have a wonderful, caring "in house" therapy team consisting of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, who are dedicated in providing each patient with specific therapeutic needs within their home environments.  Our Therapy and Nursing Team work closely together to determine the goals and needs of each patient; to monitor, teach, and guide them in their progress; and to communicate important patient information or concerns to their Doctor.  CareTeam's therapists are dedicated people who love being Therapists, and love serving the community of East Texas. 


 CareTeam Pediatric Therapy Services

CareTeam Pediatrics Therapy Department, consists of caring therapists that strive to provide individualized, playful yet productive pediatric Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services in the comfort and convenience of our young patients home and daycare environments.  Our therapy team truly enjoy teaching our patients how to achieve their abilities, provide special guidance and treatment, and help in one or more of the following areas for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy:

Speech Articulation Therapy

Receptive/Expressive language Delays


Cognitive Impairments

Sensory Integration Disorders

Dressing, and Toileting Issues

Reading and Writing Delays

Perceptual Motor Training

Neurodevelopmental Treatment

Electrical Stimulation

Assessment of Adaptive Equipment

Prosthetic / Orthotic Training

Gait, Wheelchair, Bed Mobility Training

Transfer Training

Strength, Coordination, Balance Deficits

Gross and Fine Motor Delays

Home and Environmental Safety

Our Goal, as Therapists and Staff at CareTeam Pediatrics, is to provide therapy services to each child by teaching, encouraging, and guiding parents in helping their child; as well as working one on one with each child in their home and daily environment to help them in reaching their fullest potential in achieving developmental milestones.  We love what we do here at CareTeam Pediatrics for the children of East Texas, and are gratefully excited for the opportunity to help our pediatric patients succeed in all possibilities!  It is a pleasure and joy to see a smile and the sparkle in the eyes of a child every time they succeed! 

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